A History in Development and Innovation

With over fifteen years of unmanned airship development under our belts, GUS has refined and improved our airship designs to accommodate a wide range of industry applications.

GUS enjoyed great commercial success with unmanned airships, primarily providing aerial broadcasting and advertising, up until the ban on unmanned aircraft in 2007 by the FAA. No company or individual was allowed to operate drones for compensation (i.e., commercially) during the ban.

The FAA ban sidelined GUS, but we used the time productively to further refine our designs while working within the Department of Defence (DoD) contracting environment.

With the FAA finally providing a legal path to market for large UAS GUS stands ready to reenter the private commercial sector stronger than ever.


Galaxy Unmanned Systems L.L.C. is made of a core group of industry professionals that have worked their way up through the commercial side of the UAS industry. This anomaly provides for a well-balanced experience and skill matrix that includes many of the fundamentals necessary to innovate and facilitate most unmanned systems applications. Those include; concept, design, manufacturing, certification, testing, payload configuration, subsystem integration, documentation, training and operations. These assertions are backed by a cumulative 40 + years of hands on industry experience with VTOL, fixed wing, rotary wing and RPAs, RPVs, UAV’s, sUAS/UAS and LTA systems.


Business Development life cycle for Unmanned Airships

Business development for the burgeoning drone industry requires more than just cold calling and generating interest. It is actually a fairly methodical process that involves: Developing and/or adapting the product/platform Identifying customers Presenting opportunities to partners and stakeholders Conducting cost analysis Arranging demonstrations of services Deriving/codifying/driving market value Negotiating contracts and finally, closing on the …

Re-entering the UAS Market!

GUS is currently seeking seed funding necessary to reenter the now primed UAS commercial marketplace through the construction and operation of several unmanned airship demonstration platforms. The market for commercial industry drone utilization is ready to burst, but has been unable to do so due to the inherent limitations of pervasive commercially available multicopter solutions.

This flood of technology has sparked the imagination of industry stakeholders across the spectrum of major commercial markets. Once these industries are introduced to our demonstration platforms, our airships will quickly be put into service supplementing numerous commercial operations. Our unmanned airships bridge the gap from today’s just-out-of-reach solutions to tomorrow’s industrial integration of drones.

Unmanned Airship Demo Videos

GUS logged a great deal of flight hours with our large 60ft prototype airship and our 75ft production model airship. Below you can download demo videos of each in action.

Click on the link above the image to download HD video (select “save as” in the pop-up box) , or click on the image to see a lower resolution version on YouTube

60ft Unmanned Airship NHRA
Demo Video (114mb)

75ft Unmanned Airship Capabilities
Demo Video (140mb)