Small Drone Visibility

This video of a small UAS nearly missing a helicopter does an excellent job of illustrating the inherent visibility issues of integrating small UAS into the US National Airspace (NAS), and highlights the real reason common sense procedures and airspace awareness are so important. You can see from the video the helicopter pilot had only seconds to identify the UAS as being in the flight path, and no time to actually course correct. Likewise, the UAS would have had to detect the helicopter from some distance, determine its heading, and adjust for collision avoidance (assuming autonomous flight). Continue reading “Small Drone Visibility”

Unmanned Airship Demo Videos

GUS logged a great deal of flight hours with our large 60ft prototype airship and our 75ft production model airship. Below you can download demo videos of each in action.

Click on the link above the image to download HD video (select “save as” in the pop-up box) , or click on the image to see a lower resolution version on YouTube

60ft Unmanned Airship NHRA
Demo Video (114mb)

75ft Unmanned Airship Capabilities
Demo Video (140mb)