GC-75-G2A – Galaxy 75ft Large Unmanned Tactical Airship System


Galaxy’s Commercial 75ft Large Unmanned Tactical Airship System is a robust and highly versatile airship capable of carrying payloads weighing two hundred (200) pounds. The GC-75-G2A can fly for over six (6) hours with a standard gas configuration, eight (8) to twelve (12) hours with a high-efficiency hybrid gas/electric propulsion system upgrade, and twelve (12) plus hours with an added ultra-endurance solar cell powered renewable energy system.

The GC-75-G2A is our production model derived from the prototype GC-60-G2A class broadcast platform. The GC-60-G2A was featured on multiple NHRA Powersports Broadcasts on ESPN flying a Cineflex V14HD Broadcast Quality Gimbal. We are conducting research and development on our next generation upgraded GC-80-E4B eVTOL LTA Orb based on the excellent record of the GC-75-G2A.

In Phoenix, AZ it made history by being the first unmanned airship to provide aerial video for a live broadcast and was eventually sponsored by GEICO Powersports!

We have been used extensively during live broadcasts, and are able to stay aloft and provide reliable footage in gusts exceeding 30+ knots. At one point during an NHRA broadcast the races had to be postponed due to the high winds. We remained on station regardless and provided coverage throughout the stormy weekend.

Our speedy and maneuverable airships are specifically designed as stable lifting platforms for high-value payloads such as broadcast-quality cameras, scientific instruments, and government or military ISR assets. Toward that end, their construction conforms to all FAA-mandated requirements. Also, per federal law, airships are in fact “right-of-way” vehicles, meaning all other air traffic, both piloted and unmanned, bears legal responsibility to sense and avoid them. This FAA mandate makes airships a very attractive option for unmanned operations.

Our commercial unmanned airships are purpose-built for workhorse industrial applications. Their typical operation consists of rapid-deployment tasking while servicing multiple job sites in rugged or remote areas.

We use all of the latest technologies to provide the most outstanding products possible.

Wind: Can fly in 30mph winds with gusts up to 40mph.

Unmanned payload operations offer many advantages such as:

  • safety – payload operator is on the ground and out of harms way
  • improved communications – with the payload operator removed from the payload, customers can be collocated with the operator and provide face-to-face feedback and direction
  • ease of operations
    • with much greater flexibility in ground based equipment selection operators can utilize larger screens with greater resolution
    • being able to take breaks, stretch legs, and operate in shifts
    • an expansive work area for multi-tasking


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